Wga Minimum Basic Agreement 2017

The new agreement emphasizes that authors receive their fair share of the pie in the global video streaming industry. According to Bloomberg, streaming was estimated at $43 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $125 billion by 2025. The minimum plan lists minimum rates of pay for writers covered by the Minimum Fundamental Agreement (MBA). Check the minimums for authors covered by the 2020 MBAs. The agreement expands the number of authors covered by margin protection measures negotiated for the first time in 2017. The Basic Minimum Agreement (MBA) was renegotiated in 2017. This summary provides a simplified overview of the changes to the new agreement. Here are other free-lance contracts and agreements, z.B. the Low Budget Agreement, the New Media Sideletter and the Collaboration Agreements. Paid Parental Leave: « The current guarantee, negotiated in 2017, is eight weeks of unpaid leave. » « LIMITING DISCOUNTS ON MINIMUMS: The MBA currently offers discounts on minimum requirements in a number of areas that we consider unwarranted. We want to completely eliminate discounts for new writers and increase the number of guaranteed work weeks before studios can reduce the minimum wage for comedy professionals. The MBA also allows our employers to pay a minimum of reduced weekly TV if they guarantee a certain number of working weeks.

However, as more and more writers only receive the minimum when working in « mini-spaces, » we need to increase the number of weeks to be guaranteed before a discount is granted. If you have questions about the application of these minimum provisions or requirements or about categories of minimum values that are not included in this schedule, or if you have a question of interpretation of the basic agreement, contact the contract division or call (323) 782-4501. For example, the purchase price of an original script starting in 2017 is as follows: raising the minimum wage for writers is a « critical » element of the WGA`s negotiating strategy in the ongoing negotiations on a new film and television contract, as the WGA`s negotiating committee said today in a communication to guild members. « Script costs and salary increases have been part of the history of any minimum WGA fundamental agreement, » the committee wrote. « But more than ever, nothing is taken for granted. Members need to understand why these proposals are essential. At least. The new agreement is retroactive to May 2. The previous contract ended on May 1, but negotiations were delayed due to the onset of coronavirus and the deadline was extended until June 30. The Residuals Survival Guide gives authors a fundamental thing about residual compensation – what it is, who gets it and when it`s due.