Unilateral Non Disclosure Agreement Pdf

4. Notwithstanding the above, the recipient may provide certain confidential information without violating the obligations under this agreement: where such disclosure is required by a valid order from a court or other competent state agency, provided that the recipient provides the discloser with an appropriate written notification prior to disclosure and makes reasonable efforts to obtain or support a protection decision that prevents or limits disclosure and/or requires that the confidential information disclosed in this manner be used only for the purposes of the law or regulation or for which the order was made. 2. Subject to Section 3, the recipient agrees that it is at any time strictly confidential, regardless of the termination or expiry of this Agreement, and that it will not transmit any confidential information to third parties unless it is approved in writing by the Discloser and that the confidential information is used for any purpose other than the authorized use. The recipient will also protect this confidential information with at least the same care as the recipient used to protect his or her own confidential information, but by no means less than due diligence. The recipient restricts access to confidential information to those of its staff members or agents who need to know and who have signed confidentiality agreements that contain or are related to confidentiality obligations in one way or another, which are at least as restrictive as those contained in them. 7. Confidential information is and will remain the exclusive property of the Discloser. The recipient acknowledges and accepts that no provision in this agreement is construed as granting property rights, by license or by any other means, to confidential information disclosed under this agreement or to inventions or patents, copyrights, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights that have been issued on the basis of such confidential information or that may be issued.

The recipient does not manufacture, manufacture, use or sell products or other items that use, integrate or derived from confidential information. Neither this agreement nor the disclosure of confidential information under this agreement requires one party to enter into another agreement with the other, to license products or services to the other, or to ask the Discloser to disclose certain confidential information. Nothing in this agreement creates or is considered to be the creation of a job, joint venture or agency between the parties. The unilateral confidentiality agreement, also known as « NOA 1, » is an agreement between two (2) parties in which the former (the company) is the sole owner of the information and passes it on to a second party (the beneficiary). By signing the document, the recipient agrees to protect the confidential information provided to him and to prevent it from passing into the hands of third parties. You must also agree not to use confidential information for their own benefit. Step 3 – The state whose laws govern the agreement must be entered on the form with federal laws. 5.